Step #1: Add “Internet Accounts” to Apple 🍏

Meeter uses the default Apple calendar to get information about all of your upcoming meetings.

To link third-party calendars (such as Google or Microsoft), you will need to connect your external accounts to Apple.

Go to System Preferences > Internet Accounts.

Then pick the account type and log in.

Example: Google for Google Calendar.

Make sure that the “Calendars” box has a blue checkmarked.

You can add as many calendars as Apple allows you to.

Step #2: Pick Calendars to Sync with Meeter 📅

You may have multiple calendars under one account. To pick specific calendars from which you’d like Meeter to pull events, go to:

Preferences… > Calendars > Pick the Calendar.

If your calendars display in Apple Calendar but not in Meeter, please quit and re-open Meeter. It should fix the issue!

Note: Meeter will show ONLY events with video conferencing links.

Step #3: Join Meetings in Just One Click

Now you can run back to your laptop just 1 second before your meeting begins. 🏃‍♂️

Video Walk-Through

For more information on how to do this, see Apple’s official support page