How can I connect third-party calendars to the app? (Windows)

1. Type “Calendar” into the Search Bar and hit Enter. 2. Click on Settings. 3. Select “Manage accounts”. 4. Add an account. 5. Enter your credentials and create the account. 6. After the successful creation of the account, the events will sync automatically with the calendar and thus also with Meeter.

One of my upcoming events doesn’t show up!

First, please check if you have an event scheduled for today as Meeter only fetches events of the current day (unless you allowed fetching events for one week in the settings. This feature will be available by Monday, May 11th). If you have an event in your calendar that contains a meeting link somewhere (doesn’t

How can I connect third-party calendars to the app? (Mac)

You can simply connect third-party calendars by adding them in Apple’s default Just open the default calendar, go the the menu and select “Add Account…” and select your account. After adding your calendar account there, you can close Apple’s calendar app and don’t have to use it anymore if you don’t want, your account

I have some feedback, found a bug or have a feature request

We are eager to hear from you! Any kind of feedback would be fantastic. We built this app based on what we thought would be useful and would like to make it useful for as many people as possible. You can reach us by contacting:

Who is behind this?

We are 3 computer science students (2 from Germany and 1 from Austria) and another co-founder from the UK who handles the business side of things. Two of us study at ETH Zurich in Switzerland, one of us studies at Imperial College London and another one of us studied at University of Oxford. Joseph Hillenbrand

Why is the app free?

This is a work-in-progress and we are constantly working on improving it. Until we have a full release, we do not intend to charge any money