How to Link Calendars to Meeter on iPhone.

Step: #1: Check calendars already enabled. If you are using the default Apple Calendar on your iPhone, you should have all of your events already in Meeter! Smile because you are already done before even getting started. If no events show, click on the calendar icon inside the Meeter app and make sure that your

How to connect third-party calendars to Meeter? (Mac)

Step #1: Add “Internet Accounts” to Apple 🍏 Meeter uses the default Apple calendar to get information about all of your upcoming meetings. To link third-party calendars (such as Google or Microsoft), you will need to connect your external accounts to Apple. Go to System Preferences > Internet Accounts. Then pick the account type and

How can I connect third-party calendars to the app? (Windows)

1. Type “Calendar” into the Search Bar and hit Enter. 2. Click on Settings. 3. Select “Manage accounts”. 4. Add an account. 5. Enter your credentials and create the account. 6. After the successful creation of the account, the events will sync automatically with the calendar and thus also with Meeter.